Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Can I go to bed yet?

What a day! Craig is out of town ....yet again....on Tuesday, which is the nightmare day of all days. It all started with a 4 alarm headache. 4 alarm meaning I pop 4 ibuprofens without a 2nd thought and am glad I did 30 minutes later ahhhhhh. I finally took Alanna for pictures today. She is the poor 4th child who has been ripped off in the professional picture department. No one year old pic, no two year old pick, nope...no 3 year old pic, ok finally 2 months before she is 5 she got the 4 year old pic. ooooo bad mommy. I've already had a discussion with her and begged her not to hold it against me later in life. Anywho...later in the day she wanted to take a nap so by all means she did. I cleaned a bit and got ready for my cub scouts. Well long story short on my way to school to pick up the scouts and my boys, poor Alanna blew chunks! I went home called moms cancelled scouts. Alanna showered with her clothes on first; it was a shower by layers. Cleaning out the car was fun or not...I finally took the garden hose to it...yep inside the car. Then I rememberd I could take out the seats, which I did, which are still on my front lawn; by my Mccain/ Palin yard sign, and finished the job. I doubt it's dry yet, and actually the inside of the car probably isn't dry either from the phase one washing. I also called our friends (soccer coach) and said we won't be going to Zane's soccer practice and please pay the picture guy for me. (Come on I'm good for it!). Now it is 9:42 the kids are in bed (mostly) and Craig walked in the door. Can I go to bed yet?

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!

So today is October 1st. Guess what? I love October....mainly because I love Halloween. Of course I also love October because it can finally cool down (which we still are waiting for)! I'm excited because I'm finally figuring out some of the things to add on to my new blog here (thanks Laura, the blogging guru!). Happy Fall! Happy Halloween!