Tuesday, October 6, 2009

October Fest.....Family Style!

The kids had Monday off from school, so a group of us took a little trip up to St. George to Staheli Family Farm. We had a great time. Here we are in the 20 acre corn maze.....yes we got lost! We wandered around in there found a way out somewhere on the side, had to go back in and finally ended up coming out the same place we went in.

The kids all picked out a pumpkin out of the pumpkin patch.

My mom lives in St. George so she also came and spent the day with us.

The kids had so much fun swinging from hay bales,

and playing on the slides that landed in a pile of corn,

where they also found it necessary to bury themselves and each other in the corn.

After the farm we went to the pizza factory and terrorized that establishment for an hour and then made the trip back to Vegas. Alanna and Zane were asleep before we even got out of St. George. We had a great time....and were completely beat by the time we got home!

Shark Reef Field Trip

Zane's class had a field trip to the Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay. It was his (and my) first time there.

Zane and his friend Hailey are sitting in a tunnel where the fish and sharks swim over and all around you.

I made Zane pet one of the sting rays....it took some convincing but he was glad he did!

I know you can't really see this, but this is Zane and Leighton in an area that was so cool....it was like you were in a sunken ship

They kids went in a little learning room and talked about different parts of sea animals and their defenses....and made one super creature.....Zane the sea monster!

Sierra's Choir Performance

Sierra had a choir performance for her Madrigal choir group. They sang before a play, Taming of the Shrew, in downtown Henderson.

She is standing by her friend Emily in both pictures.