Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Summer....in a thousand pictures or less!

Summer was a little different for us this year! We followed Craig while he worked, we went sight seeing, swimming, and relaxed. So first stop we went to Reno. Next we stopped up in Twin Falls and visited with my grandparents. Then we went to So. Ogden and stayed a week and a half at my brother's house while Craig went on our wards youth trek in Wyoming. Lastly, we headed down to Salt Lake where we spent the bulk of our time. So here goes, like I said in a thousand pictures or less (although you may question that number before we are through!) some of the fun things we did on vacation!
On our way home from Utah we stopped at Cove Fort....truth be known, that's where I like to stop for bathrooms because they seem to be better than your random gas station bathroom. Then we kinda got roped into a tour...the kids wanted another pioneer yo-yo.
Alanna on top of Cove Fort.

We had fun playing with cousins and even some 2nd cousins!

Sierra and Sorayah. I love this because me and Sorayah's mom (my cousin Kristen), used to play together at family reunions....now we have girls about the same ages!

Sierra likes to eat the roses in Aunt Calene's garden!

Apparently you only need 1 computer to entertain a whole passel of kiddos!

While we were in Salt Lake we went to a bunch of different wards and buildings. We went to this old church after I had driven by it and wanted to check it out. It was super cool. I love the stained glass with Joseph Smith and the first vision depicted.

This was the front of the chapel.

We went to Gardener Village with Becky and Megan. It was so great to see them again.

We went on two different candy factory tours. This one is the Sweets Candy Company...I recommend this tour....so fun! The kids came away with a lot of candy.

Nothing says beauty like a hair net!

Kennicott Copper Mine.

Hunter even earned a scout patch while we were there.

Utah State Capitol Building in Salt Lake City

There are beautiful murals inside. It is a very pretty building.

The whole Family!!

O.K. Lets talk 24th of July parade in Salt Lake City....
1st.....it was bugger hot!
2nd......it was stinking long
3rd....it was really good.....but I don't think we will do it again...once is enough. It was crazy!

These horses had checkerboard patterns cut into the hair on their rumpus! I'm easily impressed.

I loved this float....but then again it shows one of my favorite stories in the Book of Mormon.


Visiting the Salt Lake Temple grounds. Beautiful.

We were able to attend church in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. Wow....there was some beautiful architecture in the chapel....and during sunday school, you could look out the window and stare at the temple.

So while in Salt Lake we stayed in an apartment at a place called Old Farm. I decided to cut Alanna's hair...I used children's scissors...not too sharp but it got the job done.

At the apartment complex they had these big ponds with ducks in them. We thought this one was so funny. We called it the grandma duck.

Wheeler Farm

Apparently not enough ducks at the apartment....more ducks!

We went to a place called the Gale Center. It is Jordan and this is an old dug out.

They had the funnest little museum area. The kids played and played!

My brother Aaron and Zane at the Ogden Train museum.

Alanna and Coral

Visiting the Ogden temple.

On the temple grounds there is a little pioneer museum that is packed with old artifacts.

Perry's Egyptian theater. We went on a tour one day and then went to a movie there on another day. Inside the theatre they have a "night sy" so little stars blink overhead the whole time it is dark.
Fort Beunaventura

Canoe rides!

The BSA rope corse in Ogden.


Hunter...you can always spot our kids by the BYU apparel.
At the library there was a chinese program.....and of course here is Zane who loves all things asian...except for maybe seafood.

We went to the cutest little library with this fun tree. They also had some fantastic stained glass windows that had story book characters in them.

We went to the Ogden Nature Center with my brother and his family. We loved being able to hang out with them so much this summer! This is a little pond where the kids were looking at little frogs.

They also had an area where there were a bunch of cool birds of prey and other big birds. (Do you like how knowledgeable I am about them?)

When we visit our cousins in So. Weber, we like to go to the Hill Airforce Museum. There are tons of planes there but the kids really like to go to the hands on area to play. Hunter is doing a flight simulation.

Zane is flying a computer plane as well.

Here is the whole crew all ready for take off!

Alanna and Zane

We went to the Zoo with our friends the Butlers and the Briggs....and let me tell you it was a hot day, but we had a great time!

Here is the train ride to look at sad animals on the perimeter!

We had to get a picture with the lion drinking fountain....its been there since I was a kid!