Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas !!!!

The weekend before Christmas we went down to Arizona to Grandma and Grandpa Smarts house for our annual Christmas party. The kids got to play with cousins. Sierra and Hunter got to ride Grandpa's horse by themselves! Are these guys related or what? Mom went shopping to finish up for Christmas....yikes! Saturday night we went Christmas caroling on the hay wagon, talked about what we are grateful for, exchanged gifts and had a visit from Santa. Quite a night! We came home Sunday night, so it was a quick trip.

Christmas Eve we sang Christmas carols and looked at Christmas lights. We also had Chinese food from Pick up Stix (fah ra ra ra ra: Reference -The Christmas story). We also read the story of Jesus' birth of course. The kids also had fun tracking Santa on the NORAD web site. Of course every Christmas Eve they get to open one present...which is always pajamas!

Christmas for us was really fun! It was exciting for the kids....So exciting that those stinkers woke up at 3:00 a.m. Some went back to sleep. Others were yelling that they were hungry at 4:30 and yet the rule still stands...don't come downstairs until 6:00! I really think that is quite fair.They got presents they didn't think they would get because Mom already said no....especially to the turtle. I mean come on we are about the farthest thing from pet people. Animals are to eat. I told Sierra she should name her turtle "soup". My sister and her family and my brother came to dinner on Christmas night. I love Christmas! What am I going to do now without my Christmas music?

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Snow day! So whats the big deal? Well the big deal is that we don't get snow days in Vegas, but apparently MY Christmas wish has come true.....Snow, and lots of it. It is amazing. Yesterday it started snowing tiny little flakes, and I was in heaven. We had to hurry to get the camera! We didn't want to miss it. Then it continued to come down. We had huge, fluffy, soft, quiet, white flakes....real ones! The kind you see in places where it really snows. Then it started sticking.Then building up. Next thing you know, we have a snow man in the front yard. The pool started to turn a little slushy. The poor trees here are not meant to uphold tons of snow. The kids loved it....Sierra eats it. Zane is ready for rogue snow balls. Alanna is forever cold. Hunter is wet and happy.I'm am totally in heaven. The next is canceled due to Vegas. I love it.