Monday, November 24, 2008

Family Vacation

Each year around August or September I start working on Craig to convince him to go to Washington D.C. So far it has worked! Of course this year we had to inlist my brother in law John, to help convince him. I think the tables started turning in my favor when John started the innocent texting campaign! Well it was beautiful. I love going in the fall. I love the weather, kicking and crunching trough the fall leaves, smelling the dry leaves, and the cool fall air. Sorry but we just don't have that in Las Vegas. We had a great time. We stayed with my sister and her family. We got to visit with my Dad and go on a beautiful walk with him. We spent 10 wonderful days together as a family and it was my idea of Heaven! One day we went to see the Washington D.C. temple and the leaves started blowing down on us. It was beautiful. We had so much fun trying to catch the falling leaves. The leaves are surprisingly wily! We enjoyed visiting the sights. As usual we were the touring maniacs. We saw everything from National monuments to nature's monuments! Of course we couldn't miss the zoo and the Amazonia building!We had to go look for "The Awakening" since it is one of the kids favorite things to see. The sculpture had been moved since last time we saw it. I think one of the main reasons I love going to D.C. in the fall is because it really is some of the best family time we have together all year.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Week

It's strange how one little holiday has turned into a week long celebration. It seemed as if it would go on forever. I just hope my kids had fun. We went to a fun Halloween party the weekend before Halloween, as well a some lame Halloween fest at the University of Phoenix. Then the next week of course was trunk or treat at the church... in which fun was had by all. Maybe too much fun. Then we had a Halloween Party for the kids on Thursday. Lots of kids....lots......and lots.....and lots of crazy. We played games....and more games....well you get the idea! Finally, Friday was Halloween. Now for the most gruesome of all Halloween tales...brace yourself for the following and advert your eyes for the weak stomach. 10 stitches from a scissor accident. Sierra was sewn up in time to still hit trick or treating!