Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hijacked Happy Birthday

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRISTINE !!! No, Christine is not writing herself her own birthday blog. I hijacked her blog to wish her a happy birthday.

I'm actually a little late. Her birthday was yesterday and unfortunately I didn't do a very good job of making it a special day. (I'm hoping this helps smooth things over a little bit... :))

You see, for Christine her family always comes first. Whether it's for soccer, or basketball, or dance, or ice skating, or scouts, or school, or homework, or laundry, or dinner, or piano, or violin, or my job.... the list goes on.... we always comes first.

And for some reason we have a hard time expressing our appreciation...

Thank you Christine for all that you do!!!!! You're the Best!

I tease her about how old she is getting and how long we have been married (it seems like forever...:)), but the longer that we are together the more I hate being apart.

If I were at home I'd have some better (ie. more embarrasing) photos, but these will just have to do...

This one just might get me in trouble...

We Love You Christine!!! Happy Birthday!!!

Saturday, August 15, 2009


Happy 12th Birthday my Sierra!

Wow! 12 years has gone by way to fast! When Sierra was born she was such a sweet and mild baby!

She hardly ever cried. If she did, it was from being held too much by her momma and needed to get down and play on the floor. Sierra has always loved books ever since she was little...she could read before she went to kindergarten and she still loves to read. She also had the cutest curly hair.

I am also happy to report that she is still very mild mannered and has the kindest heart. Here are some pictures from over the years.

Playing in the snow.

Her 3rd birthday!

A Halloween bee. With finger stingers and all!

Snuggling with mommy.

She is so excited to finally be in young women's at church. I'm a little sad because that means she isn't my tiny baby anymore! She just dosn't seem to stay young no matter how much we tell her to! It is good to know some things are still the same.

Friday, August 7, 2009


Well today my Hunter is turning 10! It's amazing how time goes. One day he is my new born baby.....

and then he soon is Mr. Handsome getting baptized....

and now he is 10. He has been such a cute boy growing up.

He loves BYU and likes to go to BYU games with his dad.

He also loves to go on father and son camp outs.

He is a great scout!

He likes to make things out of paper. Here is a boat he made boats and the kids sailed them down a river in Idaho.

At dinner I was telling the kids it will be interesting to see what jobs they have when they are older.....right now Hunter is still wanting to be a robotics engineer. He can do it...he is so so smart! We love you Hunter! Happy Birthday ! Remember no matter how old you get, you will always be your momma's baby!

Thursday, August 6, 2009


So this summer we went out of town forever. We have pretty much been following Craig around as he has been working. We started off in June in Reno. Craig would work while the kids and I would go and play! We have some friends that live in that area that we hung out with in college (GO BYU!) a million years ago before kids! Now both of us have 4 kids each! So we got to do a lot of sightseeing with them! We went to the Nevada State museum which is in an old coin mint building. Its a great museum. This is our states fossil.

They have this cool little ghost town

and a mine replica you can go down into.

We can't forget the mammoth skeleton! We had a good time there!

We went to some parks and of course my climbers had to climb an enormous tree! I had to assist a bit helping them get down. If there is a tree Sierra will climb it and then someone else is sure
to follow.

We went to the State Capitol Building in Carson City. We like to collect the commemorative state coin with the governor on it. We are now up to two governor coins. We looked around the capitol and saw a display about Nevada.

After that we played in the grass outside and waited for Craig to get off work and find us.

He finally came!

Another day we went to a small children's museum. They had a treadmill wall that the kids climbed on forever.

There were various activities for the kids to do there.

One day on the way home from somewhere (it all runs together) we stopped by a speciality candy/chocolate store and bought some candy, and that's where we found this giant prospector!

While we were staying in Reno we stayed in a condo, but on the last night we were there we stayed in the Peppermill Hotel.

It was really nice and we had a great time. It was really pretty and we stayed out at the pool for a long time. We also ended up getting pool side service at the pool...we were hungry and when in Rome.....I guess you eat a little $20.00 pizza!
Our last day in Nevada we went to Virginia City. Craig was even able to come. We were so excited he was with us!

The kids had been looking forward to going there the entire trip. It is slated as the liveliest ghost town in Nevada! It is a cute, fun old town.

We went on a train ride

and even got held up by robbers!