Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Apparently You Can Get Rid of Anything on Craigs List!!!

So my yard had sooooo many palm trees. Someone went a little palm crazy. They are so tall that Craig can't trim most of them anymore. I got a letter from our HOA that they needed to be trimmed.....so I put them on Craigs List.....and voila I had a couple of people that wanted them. It was quite the affair! We had 4 that we were getting rid of in the front yard and 9 lining our back wall in the back yard. They had guys come in and dig around the tree for a couple days (we had thirteen palms), then they came in with a crane and pulled them outtrimmed them up and loaded them onto a flat bed to haul away. We liked watching the crane....hoping they wouldn't hit our house or anything else. Now we have planted a little garden where the some of the palms used to be. Hooray for Craigs List! My brother and his family were here during spring break and they helped us so much getting our yard put back together and getting the garden in. Thanks guys!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Alanna's surgery

I wanted to write about Alanna's surgery but haven't done it yet. She had a surgery on April 1st. She had some bumps under her skin that we thought might be some kind of cyst, but then some would disappear and others would appear. Anyway the doctor decided to biopsy them, so we had same day surgery for her. She was such a trooper. It hardly even fazed her at all. She got to play with toys while waiting. Then she got to drive a black hummer to the operating room. The nurse told her she was so fast that they beat the doctor. She wasn't quite as chipper when she woke up... but she and Daddy got to play the leapster for a while. We just got the results back last week and the bumps don't seem to be anything bad...but we don't know why she is getting them. Her pediatrician was talking to her and he said the old adage is that you don't want to be interesting to your doctor....and he looked at her and said "you are interesting".

Monday, April 13, 2009


Over spring break we went camping to a place called Nob Hill with my family and my brothers family that was here visiting. Uncle Nate and my little nieces came for a bit as well. To tell the truth, while we were driving I was doubting Craig and the place he picked, but when we got to the right spot it really opened up into a cool area. There were so many boulders and cave like areas. The kids had a blast exploring and climbing all over everything. Hunter liked using his pocket knife to do some whittling. I used to think that camping was nice to do every now and then....but not so much any more. We had a good time and everything....I just want to sleep in my own bed and be able to shower, and have a toilet that isn't a patch of dirt behind a rock. Is that too much to ask? I guess what I'm saying is that now I think I am more of a day trip kinda girl when it comes to roughing it. We went on a hike and found a couple of geo caches. On the way back to camp we ended up in a kind of a bad boulder valley place and were having a hard time figuring out how to get out. The kids found a way to tunnel under some boulders and we finally were able to get every one out. On the way home from camping we stopped by a place called key hole canyon where there are Indian petraglyphs. We were glad uncle Aaron's mini van made it though that dirt road. There was also a cool spot where it looks like a waterfall has smoothed out and shaped the stone. The next night we had a big slumber party with all the cousins that were here. I fell asleep during the movie....what can I say!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

We have already been having fun with the cousins for spring break! Today we went to the Springs Preserve. We went for a walk through the trails and then played at the fun park! The kids and Dads set fire to leaves with a magnifying glass. Look at all these tigers in the tall grasses!
We also had a little picnic. It is great to get together with cousins!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Dirty little secret

So we eat a lot of cold cereal.....so when it is on sale I buy a lot and stock up. We ran out of room in the cupboard where we keep the cereal (which holds a lot by the way). So we were throwing it in the closet under the stairs. I needed to get behind/under the cereal today to put something away, so the kids pulled the cereal out for me...and then played with it for a while....those are some big building blocks!

Railroad Hike

A couple of weeks ago Hunter's cub scout pack went for a hike to some old railroad tunnels. It was a really cool hike. Zane and I had to come a little late because of a soccer game, so we had our little family turn around so Zane and I could see the tunnels too!